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This section contains link to the Singapore Air Con Forum provided free by phpbb and Bravenet. This forum is a platform to allow Singaporeans to post their questions about buying residential air condtioners in Singapore.

Important Information and Disclaimer

This forum is created to allow Singaporeans looking for air conditiones for residential homes.
The information and postings on the forum are opinions from the respective owners and should be viewed as personal views and not the general public opinions.
Readers are advised to use their own judgement to determine if the posts are accurate and up to date.
Readers are warned that there might be some posts created by 'rivals' to 'defame' their competitors.

Singapore Air Con Forum

This forum will allow a platform for Singaporeans to have their queries answered and inquire more information on residential air conditioners in Singapore.

There are a few 'resident' members in the forum who commit their precious time and energy to answer the queries of others. I really appreciated their effort as they are doing this without any pay or returns.

Click on the icon to access the Current Singapore Air Con Forum (provided by phpbb)

Below is the first Singapore Air Con Forum. Due to hitting the maximum posts allowed, it is no longer in operation. But this forum contains tons for information especially the usual asked question.
Singapore Air Con Forum (provided by Bravenet)

The forum would not have been successful without the free services provided by

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